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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

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27.08.2019 Author: LNB

Mission of Liepaja Society of the Blind (LSB)  

To work and to serve people with disabilities, taking care of their spiritual and practical needs, to promote participation of the disabled people in order for everybody to have chance of being involved, belonging and useful.

Liepaja Society of the Blind was founded in 1956 to consolidate people who have visual impairments, to provide social rehabilitation, cultural activities and working places. After dissolution of the Soviet Union, work of Liepaja Society of the Blind was stopped, but in 1999 it was launched again practically from nothing. In the 25th of August 2005 Liepaja Society of the Blind was officially registered to start working on its full strength. Liepaja Society of the Blind is an organization determined to help changing the lives of visually impaired and blind people as well as people with other disabilities. We believe that people with serious health problems not only want to, but also can have an active social life and be involved in various activities.

On August 2019 the Liepaja Blind Association has 785 members.

The goal of Liepaja Society of the Blind

To promote improvement of quality of life and integration in society for persons with total or partial vision loss, as well as for persons with other disabilities by providing social rehabilitation and alternative rehabilitation services (services not prescribed by Cabinet Regulation No. 291 “Requirements for Social Service Providers”), as well as to represent and defend their common interests in various state, municipal, public and other institutions, to connect people with disabilities, to motivate them to participate in the formation of civil society, to promote information exchange and accessibility, to organize educational, informative events, actions, questions.

Liepaja Society of the Blind offers:

Liepaja Society of the Blind provides social rehabilitation services, defense of interests and life quality improvement for visually impaired people who are living in Liepaja and Kuldiga towns and their districts. We offer our help not only for visually impaired people, but also for people with other disabilities giving them opportunity to socialize, to grow and develop their skills helping them to succeed in living independently. After undergoing social rehabilitation program, they explore their inner self once more having refreshed their interests, and learned a lot of things necessary to become productive, social active and equal member of society.

• Support in solving social and everyday problems;
• Communication and support groups;
• Training in the use of technical aids for the visually impaired (white orienteering and support walking sticks, "talking" watches, thermometers, audiobook players, magnifiers, etc.);
• Computer training (also using Braille row) for the blind and partially sighted and for people with other disabilities; Braille course; house keeping course; basket - work classes.
• We also inspect the disabled on location to identify their needs.
• We offer the members free transportation, if they can’t come by themselves to the Day Centre.
• Sporting activities, such as exercise equipment, Nordic walking, board games, table tennis for the blind, darts, etc .;
• Music therapy classes for people with different types of disabilities;
• The opportunity to learn piano for people with disabilities;
• There is also rehabilitation centre Life School near The Day Centre where people can stay for 24 hours during the rehabilitation course.
• Tours, events, International White Cane Day celebrations, etc.;
• Informative educational seminars - "I want to introduce you to my world", "Universal design - access to environment, services, products, information for all people";
• The Society's newsletter, "Light in the Dark," Visible and Braille as well as audio.
• Activities for people with disabilities in the framework of various projects (more information in the Project department of the Liepaja Society for the Blind or by calling 26056026).

The organization coordinates the net of 16 non-governmental organizations representing disabled people of Liepaja region with a goal to inform each other about each organization's activities, to provide the necessary information, to provide premises and transportation for events hosted by other organizations. There are about 3000 people in Liepaja, more than 5000 in its district, but about 10 000 disabled people in Kurzeme region. Liepaja Society of the Blind is the main impulsive force for disabled people NGOs.

Liepaja Society of the Blind is project orientated organization. We have extensive experience in project management.

The Society has its own charity symbol - mole, which allows donating funds to purchase technical aids.

Liepaja Society of Blind has a Charitable Status.

Information for donations:  

Liepājas Neredzīgo biedriba (Liepaja Society of Blind)
Reg. Nr. 40008093846 
Address: Ganību iela 197/205, Liepāja, LV-3407, Latvia 
Bank: SEB Banka AS, 
IBAN konto: LV84UNLA0012000701456

Donations through PayPal: 

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Daļa no biedrības biedriem un darbiniekiem - kopbilde no semināra

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