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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

+371 63431535,
+371 22007874

+371 63407115


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11.04.2013 Author: LNB

The most common eye diseases   Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye transparent. If developed cataract, the lens thickens and becomes cloudy. The light is hard to break through it, and vision fogged. Cataract may cause foggy or blurring image.   Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease, which cause changes in the optic nerve, with the following changes in the visual field. The ...

13.01.2011 Author: LNB

Persons with visual disability Group I have the opportunity to apply and receive benefits assistant use. Service of assistant is possible to use 10 hours a week. Each has the right to choose assistants by himself. This benefit is not entitled to receive persons, who are in long-term social care institution, inpatient medical treatment institution or in prison, as well as persons, who receiving st...

14.04.2011 Author: LNB

Tiflotehnika Rīga, Pāles iela 14/1 - 2.floor LV-1024 LIENE LOTKO   Telephone: (+371) 67533828 Fax: (+371) 67532607 Mobile telephone: (+371) 29195034 E-mail: lnb.tiflotehnika@inbox.lv Reception time: Monday:       10.00 – 15.00  Tuesday:      10.00 – 15.00  Wednesday: 10.00 – 15...

17.11.2009 Author: LNB

Do you know how to behave when you meet a blind person?   Maybe he needs a help?   But how to help?   Perhaps many of us directly ignorance ever discouraged reach out toward blind people, but maybe at that time, this assistance has been very necessary…   Remember, that your help may be needed not only totally blind, but also for visually impaired people – f...

02.02.2010 Author: LNB

Uz galda izkārtoti dažādi speciālie palīglīdzekļi neredzīgiem un vājredzīgiem cilvēkiem From January 2010 typhlotechnique distribution to visually impaired, makes Latvian Society of the Blind Rehabilitation Center.   Procedure of receiving of technical aids 2010   1. To LSB RC Typhlotechnique division (Riga, Pales street 14/1, 2nd floor, LV-1024) must submit or send by mail the opinion from the attending physician (the opinion to receive technical aids), which...

06.11.2009 Author: LNB

Aivars Lībergs mācās Braila rakstu In cooperation with the Liepaja City Council and Liepaja Social Services we provide alternative social rehabilitation services for people with visual and other impairments – computer training for visually impaired and blind persons, as well as other people with disabilities, wicker weaving and hurling skills training, organizing sport games and involve in physical rehabilitation activities. ...


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