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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

+371 63431535,
+371 22007874

+371 63407115


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17.09.2019 Author: LNB

Redzīgie asistē neredzīgos pastaigā pa pludmali If you haven’t had contact with a visually impaired person, it is understandable that you may not know how to behave in the presence of one, how to make contact and how to help out. Therefore, we have made some suggestions to avoid that awkwardness, that has prevented us from reaching out to a visually impaired when he/she was in dire need. Remember that your help may be needed not only f...

11.04.2013 Author: LNB

The most common eye diseases   Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye transparent. If developed cataract, the lens thickens and becomes cloudy. The light is hard to break through it, and vision fogged. Cataract may cause foggy or blurring image.   Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease, which cause changes in the optic nerve, with the following changes in the visual fie...

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