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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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28.05.2018 Author: LNB

This summer, with the resumption of the active tourism season, the Liepaja Society for the Blind offers to visit the social rehabilitation and cognitive center "Garden of Soul Relieve" in Ziemupe, where interested people have an opportunity to get insights into various informative educational activities suitable for both disabled people and other interested persons.
Participants of the excursion have the opportunity to see well-maintained territory of the "Garden of Soul Relieve" and, for a symbolic payment, to take part in various classes and activities. With  help of a tour gide there is an opportunity for everyone interested to see a park that gives everyone the opportunity to smell, feel and even taste different plants or get some space for a moment in the tea-house located in the center of the park. It is possible to continue the excursion with the 530 meter long "Barefoot trail", where every 10 meters there is a change in the covering, which crosses the obstacles of various difficulty levels, cross the 800 square-meter wide labyrinths, enjoy the swimming and built beach opportunities by the backyard pond, which is arranged to be able to provide swimming opportunities for people with functional disabilities through the use of custom chair that gives people with movement disability to swim, as well as playing chess with specially designed, large-sized shape figure and train in outdoor gym equipment.
Unique experience for visitors provides educational excursions with blindfolded eyes. This part of the tour is organized so that its participants get an empathic experience for the blind person in their everyday lives. With closed eyes, in addition to using a white cane, it is possible for the participants of the tour to move within the territory of "Garden of Soul Relieve", to use the opportunity to accompany the blind man, as well as to try orientate with blindfolded eyes. Visitors to the social rehabilitation center this summer also have the opportunity to take part in wicker workshops, where everyone has the opportunity to master the first skills in this kind of handicrafts and make their first handmade wicker ornament with their own hands. In addition to each interested person it is possible to conclude an excursion with overnight stay in the "Garden of Soul Relieve" house or use the offered tent places.
This year there is a small payment for trips, which will give every visitor the opportunity to participate in the development of the rehabilitation center and support people with functional disorders. A guided tour in "Garden of Soul Relieve" - 3 EUR , children under 12 years old, as well as disabled people and pensioners - 2 EUR. Participation in the workshop - 5 EUR, overnight stay is 15 EUR per bed. Apply for excursions and get more information by calling +371 26371443 (Agija).
Everyone who wants to do good work is offered the opportunity to support "Garden of Soul Relief" and, with the help of his volunteering or other support, to promote the development of "Garden of Soul Relieve", which has been created thanks to many socially responsible people and supporters.

"Garden of Soul Relieve" in the spring of 2018: 

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