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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

+371 63431535,
+371 22007874

+371 63407115


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19.09.2016 Author: LNB

Video: Sociālā uzņēmuma būtība - The essence of social enterprise 1:38 - 4:42 about the "Soul Relieve Garden" project as a social enterprise

19.08.2016 Author: LNB

Video: "Sense the Liepaja" Sajūti Liepāju from VFS FILMS on Vimeo. 2013 Liepaja got the EDEN award as one of the most accessible cities in Europe for people with disabilities http://vimeo.com/81803196 Alice as a t...

19.08.2016 Author: LNB

Liepaja - EDEN 2013 winner Liepāja - EDEN 2013 - European Destination of Excelence Liepaja as a tour destination for people with special needs and convenient living space for city residents   EDEN 2013 Latvia orig narration from OPINION-TV on 

19.08.2016 Author: LNB

SIF Society Unity Award 2013 receives Liepaja Society of the Blind More information here (in latvian):  http://www.liepajniekiem.lv/zinas/sabiedriba/liepajas-neredzigo-biedriba-sanem-balvu-par-ieguldijumu-sabiedribas-saliedesana-105956  ...

11.07.2013 Author: LNB

Movie about people with disabilities professions and ability to work which was made during the implementation of the project "I Can Work"  Social media video clip "I Can Work" 0:55min - Latvian with Latvian titles  http://youtu.be/A-kq8hjWKdI short movie "I Can Work...

24.02.2013 Author: LNB

Telecast "Kopā" (Together) visiting Liepaja Society of the Blind  The ability to see is one of the most important human senses. So the loss of vision forces one  to learn to live differently, using the touch, sense of smell and memory. A blind man can do it, if not all, then almost everything.    Part 1  Broadcast on 23-02-2013  

14.01.2013 Author: LNB

The exhibition showing the world through the eyes of a blind man 08.01.2013   At the Liepaja Latvian Society House for a week you can view the results of the project "I’m showing you what I don’t see." It features photographs that reflect a b...

08.12.2011 Author: Viss Notiek

Arthur – I’m approaching the goal July 9th, 2010 For the last time within this project we met with Arthur Livmanis, who has a vision disability since birth, but the fact does not prevent the young man to study Master at the Liepaja University. Arthur's goal is to help the visually impaired to improve their lives, to become more involved in the surrounding community. Arthur's biggest ...

08.12.2011 Author: TV Kurzeme

How visible is the white cane? 15.10.2010 Today the White cane day was celebrated in many places throughout the world. Liepaja Society of the Blind  celebrates it for the 12th year in a row with different activities.  Today, in Ganibu Street, the blind people examined the drivers if they stopped at the sight of a man standing on the roadside with a raised white cane. 2:19

08.12.2011 Author: TV Kurzeme

Liepaja's Bears going out into the world 18.10.2011 Liepaja company "Wooly World" which produces teddy-bears, just won first place in the competition organized by the Embassy of Sweden on the promotion of social equality. The Swedes were catching on the business idea - bears made from natural wool helps the visually impaired, meaning, "Wooly world’’ employees are membe...

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