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10.04.2018 Author: LNB

Starting from the beginning of April until March 2019 at the Rehabilitation Center of the Liepaja Society of the Blind “Garden of soul relief” is taking place in social rehabilitation program "Social Functioning Skills Acquisition Program in Rural Environment" who is aimed at providing new skills and knowledge to residents of Liepaja with various functional disorders.

The program consists of several parts that will provide people with disabilities with knowledge about orientation in public places and at home using natural and artificial landmarks, self-help skills that will help a person to learn how to prepare and serve a food, respect for personal hygiene, separation of different cleansing agents, and family budget planning. In addition, there is an opportunity to acquire practical skills in garden work, not only the cultivation of healthy plants and vegetables, but also harvesting and preparation for the winter period. Physical health preservation and improvement will help to  ceep craft work, various seasonal sports games, as well as the basics of tourism, which will be able to test in practice.
Only a few activities offered by the program are mentioned, therefore, each person from Liepaja with a disability, using the benefits of the rural environment, will be able to master the skills that, after the end of the program, will help improve the quality of life and enable them to integrate more successfully into society.

More information and application for the program - Liepaja Society of the Blind project part at Jeļena or Zanda, or by calling 26056026 or 63407141


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